Saturday, October 13, 2007


A problem that really gets under my skin is littering. I know it is not a huge problem that will greatly impact the world, however, it really bothers me. I cannot stand it when I see people littering. It can cause harm to animals or plants that are nearby. I just don't see why people cannot take that extra few seconds to walk to a trash can to throw something out. It does not take that much effort. A solution to this problem could be to have stricter punishments for people who litter. Also, if signs were posted saying, "If you litter, you will be punished," people would be constantly reminded not to litter, and would be more fearful of littering knowing that they could get punished.

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Amanda said...

Heather, YES! Littering! What's wrong with litterers?!? This would make a great topic for Essay 3. And, you could even narrow down the problem to BGSU...maybe fixing the problem first at home will inspire the nation! :)