Friday, October 26, 2007

Popular trends that you go....HMMMMM!

A popular trend that makes video games...especially violent video games such as the Halo series and the newly released Halo 3 video game. I always wondered what the fascination with these video games were. I really do not know why these games are so popular, however I would like to do some research as to why these violent video games are so popular among wide variety of people and age groups.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The BIGGER Picture!

The essay we are writing in class can make a big impact in the "real world". The essay can be given to whomever we are writing to, the audience, and they can then consider your solution to the problem. After considering your solution, if they are persuaded enough, they can put your solution into action to try to correct the problem. Then, the problem may be fixed or at a better place than it was before! Therefore, this essay can make an impact in the "real world"! "Proposing a solution" can fit into everyday life because you can continue to come up with solutions to problems that affect you or the community that you are living in. You can then try to put these solutions in place to try to correct your problem.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


A problem that really gets under my skin is littering. I know it is not a huge problem that will greatly impact the world, however, it really bothers me. I cannot stand it when I see people littering. It can cause harm to animals or plants that are nearby. I just don't see why people cannot take that extra few seconds to walk to a trash can to throw something out. It does not take that much effort. A solution to this problem could be to have stricter punishments for people who litter. Also, if signs were posted saying, "If you litter, you will be punished," people would be constantly reminded not to litter, and would be more fearful of littering knowing that they could get punished.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Online Course! :)

So far, I have really enjoyed the online course. I have learned a great deal of new information and I am very impressed on how organized the course is. Also, it is very helpful and has a lot of individualized help. This is very beneficial to me because I am already taking a lot of courses already at the university and playing club softball so I am very busy, so this course is very convenient. Also, I feel that I benefit from the individual help. I do not have any suggestions to make because I like every part of the course.