Thursday, November 1, 2007

Speculating Causes

I think speculating causes for certain things is very important. It helps us understand why something happens and lets us look at all the possible causes. If you just look at just one cause or the most obvious cause for a certain trend or event, you are limiting yourself to fully understanding why that certain trend or event occurred. Also, it is not good to assume that the most obvious cause for something happening is the only cause and the most accurate. It might not be a cause at all and then you would have completely misinterpreted the whole trend or event.

Speculating causes in the "real world" can be very useful because people can come up with solutions to disastrous events. For example, if there was a school shooting, officials would want to come up with all the possible causes for why the shooting occurred. They might come up with that the shooter played too many violent video games, had a grudge against a certain student, or was mentally unstable. If officials can come up with possible causes, they might be able to come up with solutions to prevent the next shooting.

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Amanda said...

Heather, smart thinking and good comparison to school shootings. Your post shows the important relationship with speculating causes and proposing solutions--two essays we're doing in this class. Great work!